Lisa Solis DeLong RN is her own self-appointed Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO), thought leader, teacher, healer, author, TEDx presenter, inspirational speaker and ballroom dancer. Her depth of wisdom comes from profound spiritual experiences at the bedside of her sons. Lisa’s firstborn son, Justin, transitioned at the age of fifteen, after a ten-year remission from leukemia. Six years later, her youngest son, Jacob, was also diagnosed with the same kind of leukemia. He is now a healthy teenager.

Her book, BLOOD Brothers, has been expanding the minds of readers and is required reading for nursing students. Lisa is highly regarded for her unique ability to heal with the use of storytelling, interactive writing prompts and dancing! She began sharing her transformational message with audiences in the Los Angeles area in 2010 and is now a sought-after international speaker.

Cage Free Thinking ™, the healing power of spiritual exploration is woven through her presentations. Whether giving a keynote or workshop, her message is as restorative as it is enjoyable and can be customized to the needs of your audience. Rather than telling the audience what they should think, Lisa facilitates transformative self-discovery. It’s time to step out, look at limiting beliefs and take flight. Spread your wings and enjoy the freedom that comes from letting go!

When Lightning Strikes Twice : Listen to Lisa's podcast that explores the questions: Can bad things happen to good people? Can they happen more than once? Are there other ways to see reality? Hear this compelling hero's journey where Lisa discovers a hidden realm of meaning and finds a new path of channeling to help other grieving parents.

“Lisa DeLong’s achingly beautiful story of life, love, and loss is a very personal and powerful journey. We have been friends for over a decade, and her son Justin was one of my heroes. Lisa’s son Jacob, who is also one of my heroes, has been at war with the disease that took his brother’s life. Blood Brothers is a real life experience of hope, compassion, and faith. Once you meet this mother and her family, your life will change forever.” Kathy Ireland, CEO Kathy Ireland Worldwide