Second Death Cafe Santa Clarita

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There’s just something about communing over enchiladas served on a bed of death related conversation that makes me feel glad I’m alive!   The second Death Café Santa Clarita fed my soul and my belly.  Wednesday night, ten strangers, were lightly tossed by the question, “What is your most significant death experience?” Ten different answers, seemingly miles apart, but in the course of sharing, we discovered one unifying factor:  our desire to hear and be heard. We walked in as individuals, salads and desserts in hand, not giving any clues as to the depth of our loss experiences.  As we ate...

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A Word the Mother's Day Gift to Myself

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As the snap dragons in my garden raised their fierce little heads to welcome spring a few weeks ago, my thoughts gave rise to this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations. My heart ached for the mothers who have lost children this year specifically:  my friend Janet, the Sandy Hook mom’s and the Boston bombing moms.  They will be enduring this holiday for the first time without their babies.  Those of us living with the loss of a child experience this day with a mixed bag of chaotic emotions. Very often, this day set aside for breakfast in bed and bouquets of...

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Sometimes life is one big inhale.  Sucking in air.  Holding it.  Waiting to exhale.  To ventilate.  That is the hard part. I have three very full days ahead including spending the night with Dave’s ex-stepmother, Susan’s, in San Clemente, in preparation for speaking in Laguna Hills on Thursday and then catching a plane to Portland where Dave and I will have dinner with Jess and Jojo (YEAH!) and then participate on the parent panel of an End Of Life Nurse Education Consortium meeting.  Home on Friday night and then Saturday, attend the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk...

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