Blood Brothers

Not many people experience the death of a child; fewer yet face the possibility of having to do it twice.

Justin DeLong was a bright, energetic child when he was diagnosed with leukemia at age five. After battling the cancer, he went into remission for ten years, where he laughed and ran long-distance races and slowly entered adolescence. Sadly, in July 2000 he succumbed to the disease twelve days after his fifteenth birthday. Lisa DeLong and her family were left to pick up the pieces and try to find joy in life without their beloved eldest son and brother. Then, six years later, they discovered something terrifying—their youngest son, Jacob, had leukemia too.

Blood Brothers is Lisa DeLong’s story of what it has been like to have two sons with leukemia, a lifetime apart. As she struggles to understand how a loving God could allow this to happen, she searches for a way to keep her marriage, her family, and her own sanity together.

Whether you’re a medical professional, spiritual seeker, mother, or someone who has experienced cancer either in yourself or someone you love, the story of these two Blood Brothers will speak to your heart and allow you to see how in the midst of exploring faith, great triumph can come from unimaginable tragedy.

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