Discovering Dolly

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Lately, I’ve been feeling quite depressed, largely because I have had too much free time on my hands.  This phenomenon is new to me.  I cannot remember a single period of time in my life where I had three months of waking, sending kids out the door, staying home—alone, for 8 hours or more each day and having nothing mandatory to do; no job to show up to; no deadline for edits to be done by; no oncology appointment to worry about.  Most of my life has been spent with a little one, or medium one and even a large...

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A Word the Mother's Day Gift to Myself

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As the snap dragons in my garden raised their fierce little heads to welcome spring a few weeks ago, my thoughts gave rise to this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations. My heart ached for the mothers who have lost children this year specifically:  my friend Janet, the Sandy Hook mom’s and the Boston bombing moms.  They will be enduring this holiday for the first time without their babies.  Those of us living with the loss of a child experience this day with a mixed bag of chaotic emotions. Very often, this day set aside for breakfast in bed and bouquets of...

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