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Sometimes life is one big inhale.  Sucking in air.  Holding it.  Waiting to exhale.  To ventilate.  That is the hard part. I have three very full days ahead including spending the night with Dave’s ex-stepmother, Susan’s, in San Clemente, in preparation for speaking in Laguna Hills on Thursday and then catching a plane to Portland where Dave and I will have dinner with Jess and Jojo (YEAH!) and then participate on the parent panel of an End Of Life Nurse Education Consortium meeting.  Home on Friday night and then Saturday, attend the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk...

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Discovering Dolly

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Lately, I’ve been feeling quite depressed, largely because I have had too much free time on my hands.  This phenomenon is new to me.  I cannot remember a single period of time in my life where I had three months of waking, sending kids out the door, staying home—alone, for 8 hours or more each day and having nothing mandatory to do; no job to show up to; no deadline for edits to be done by; no oncology appointment to worry about.  Most of my life has been spent with a little one, or medium one and even a large...

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