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Genetic Discovery Gives Hope to Young Cancer Patients/p> Lisa Delong hopes the discovery of a gene that helps children fight cancer will help her son Jacob, who is in remission with acute lymphotic leukemia.

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Crossing Lines

Leaving the canyon this morning to have coffee with Lisa B. and Joe, I felt light hearted, eager to engage in interesting conversation with old friends who happen to be writers. Winding right, winding left, Marianne Williamson’s audio book, A Return to Love, streaming through the stereo of my KIA Soul, I focused on the road ahead and noticed a tan carcass in the opposite lane.  Too small to be a coyote, too big to be a rabbit, I feared it was the desert kit fox I’d seen a few weeks prior. Late one night I had been driving home,...

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Ten Minutes

We arrived at school ten minutes early, a rare occurrence.  I pulled over, looked at Jacob, who had been chatting about the graphics on the new World at War game he wanted and I fully expected him to pop the door open and dive into his junior high day.  Instead he said, “Mom, I still have ten minutes.  I’d rather stay here and talk.”   I don’t know what my face looked like, but I felt my eyes open wide, my eyebrows lift, and a smile widen across my face and said, “Sure.  Good idea.”   We talked about how...

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Family Health Parenting

Sometimes life is one big inhale.  Sucking in air.  Holding it.  Waiting to exhale.  To ventilate.  That is the hard part. I have three very full days ahead including spending the night with Dave’s ex-stepmother, Susan’s, in San Clemente, in preparation for speaking in Laguna Hills on Thursday and then catching a plane to Portland where Dave and I will have dinner with Jess and Jojo (YEAH!) and then participate on the parent panel of an End Of Life Nurse Education Consortium meeting.  Home on Friday night and then Saturday, attend the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk...

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