Lisa Solis DeLong wrote her first book in 2011, as a part of her grieving journey after the loss of her first son and second son being close to death. Her first book, Blood Brothers, has been read by people all over the world, and has become required reading for the College of the Canyon nursing programs. Her authorship style infuses her personal and professional experiences combined with spiritual insights on the topics she writes about.  

"This book was amazing and very touching, it made me open my eyes and appreciate all that I have in my life including our health . I could not put this book down . Being a mother myself I could not imagine going through all Lisa has been through with her babies :( I give her credit and hold my head up towards all her strength her and the family has gone through. Amazing book!" - Desiree

"Amazing book that touched my heart it was very hard to put the book down. Brought many tears to my eyes from sadness, happiness, and especially from dedication and sacrifice from the entire family whose lives changed. In my opinion brought the family closer" - Anomynous

Lisa has appeared throughout the US and Canada before audiences as small as twenty and as large as two thousand. All presentations can be one hour keynotes or two hours with interactive sessions. If you are interested in securing a date, please contact please contact Lisa here.

Lisa's workshops & topics include:

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