Take Flight/Cage Free Thinking

Workshop and Speaking Topics:

Presentations can fill 1-8 hours depending on audience size and participation. All presentations can include a writing interactive and mini Salsa lesson.

For Healthcare Professionals:

Cage Free Thinking ™, the healing power of spiritual exploration for healthcare professionals.          

Lisa shares her deep wisdom gleaned from over thirty years of nursing, parenting, and personal spiritual experiences. She guides audiences to understand that nothing from our life experience is wasted and that “Miracles manifest through people.” Through learning to let go, rebuild, focus on the good, and looking at their hands, participants will receive tangible insights on expanding empathy, appreciating their emotional intelligence, and seeing themselves as the powerful healers they truly are.

For Spiritual Communities

Cage Free Thinking ™, the healing power of spiritual exploration and plant medicine.

Lisa’s thirty-plus years of being at the bedside of those birthing and those departing, combine with deep wisdom gleaned from parenting, personal spiritual experiences and plant medicine ceremonies. With inspiration from her son in spirit, Lisa guides audiences to understand his, “Mom! Nothing is wasted!!!” message. Through imagery given to Lisa from Justin, participants will receive tangible insights on aligning with abundance, expanding universal wisdom, and feeling true freedom through self-acceptance.       

For Parents

 Cage Free Thinking ™, the healing power of spiritual exploration and parenting.

“Sana, sana, colita de rana, que no sana hoy, sanara manana.” Translation: Heal, heal, little frog’s tail, if it doesn’t heal today, it will heal tomorrow. This chant was told to Lisa by her mother as a child. “Sana, sana…” is an endearing message well known to people of Latin heritage. In solidarity with her two daughters, she tattooed this message on her arm on Mother’s Day. It serves as a powerful and tender reminder that life’s painful experiences are opportunities to heal. This is the theme woven into the fabric of this message for audiences interested in sibling loss, raising a gay child, and or feminine power within the family.

For Cannabis Curious or Women in Midlife

Cage Free Thinking ™, the healing power of cannabis and midlife.

A lifetime of womb to tomb perspectives unlocked Lisa’s mindset to plant medicine. When her adult daughter, Jessica, introduced her to the medicinal qualities of cannabis Lisa was outraged that cannabis was not available to her sons during cancer treatments. The longing for non-toxic, immuno-supportive modalities for her sons led to a deep love, respect and curiosity for plant medicine. 

 As Lisa says, “I’ve been on the planet for over half a century. If there’s a plant to ease my body into the second half I’m all in.” With humor and authenticity Lisa shares candidly about becoming a Cannabis Nurse, how cannabis improves sleep, eases aches and pains and improve libido. At this age, who wouldn’t want to know more about that?!