When my son, Justin, was diagnosed with leukemia at age five, I wanted to give him nontoxic medicine that would ease his suffering, reduce his nausea and support his immune system. The same was true when he relapsed ten years later, and tragically, when my next son, Jacob, was also diagnosed with leukemia. Unfortunately, cannabis was not available during that twenty year period. It is now! Jacob completed treatments in 2009 and is a healthy teen! I'd like to keep him that way!!! Thanks to my daughter Jess, who educated me on the health benefits of cannabis in relationship to our immune system's Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Jacob is taking a non-psychoactive form of cannabis to support his immune system and prevent relapse.

If you are interested in health based cannabis use for a child or for adults, please contact me here for a one hour education consultation.