Dates: JULY 29 – AUGUST 5, 2018 | Inquire More | Read My vLog 


To help others release their limiting beliefs and fears around connecting with loved ones who have transitioned and to expand their spiritual awareness of what’s possible.


Through storytelling and exercises attendees will strengthen their sensitivity to channeling and expand their understanding of mediumship as an innate skill in us all. Introduction: Many of us have been taught to fear mediums. My experiences over the past 17 years have shown me the opposite. After experiencing profound spiritual breakthroughs associated when my son, Justin, who died at the age of fifteen, I began to pay attention to the ways in which he was reaching out even though it challenged every aspect of my upbringing. Through dreams, synchronicity and intuitive experiences, I woke up to the realization that Justin was still very much present in my everyday living and even closer than I had imagined. I followed my curiosity and enhanced my experience with the help of a medium who taught me different techniques to use to more fully engage with Justin at will. What I discovered was that life became more joyful, playful and balanced having Justin there with me in this new way. Today, Justin guides me, whether I’m writing a book, inspiring an audience or journeying through an Ayahuasca ceremony at Rythmia. He sends messages to me for other members of our family as well, which has helped them all remain connected through loss.


Channeling is more than a gift it is a skill. Like all skills, some come more naturally to us than others but with practice can be improved. We are all mediums, able to receive information from both the material and spiritual worlds. Channeling, therefore, is like tuning into our inner radio. It takes practice but the more we fine tune our ability to dial in, the more clarity, peace, connection and overall well-being we experience in our day to day lives.

Workshop Layout: Four (2 hour) Interactive Workshops:

Day 1 - You as Your Beliefs: Let Go, Unload, Rebuild
Day 2 - Developing the Sensitivity: Focus On The Good In Front Of You.
Day 3 - You as the Medium: Create Enduring Connections
Day 4 - From Fear to Love: Return to Joy