Cage Free Thinking, the healing power of spiritual exploration. ™

Presentations can fill 1-8 hours depending on audience size and participation. All presentations can include a writing interactive and mini Salsa lesson.

Enjoy four sessions of storytelling and interactive writing prompts where you’ll release your greatest fears, heal your deepest grief and replace old beliefs with new found truths by exploring:

  • What core beliefs comprise the bars of our caged minds.
  • How to open the door and set ourselves free.
  • Practice stepping out of our individual cages.
  • Feel a new appreciation for being cracked open.
  • Pay attention to our emotions.
  • Unload what no longer serves us.
  • Rebuild with what does.
  • Focus on the good in front of us.
  • Listen to the child within.
  • Connect with our inner child to keep going.
  • Understand a child’s wisdom, “Mommy, I had to wait such a long time for you.” 
  • Explore the wisdom within plant medicine journeys.  
  • Return to joy!
  • Let love in!
  • Let yourself out!

After this workshop, you will embody a new frame of reference for who you really are, where you fit in the bigger scheme of life, death and beyond and understand what the meaning of “Nothing is wasted” as it relates to making sense of our challenges. Join fellow attendees and celebrate, “Your wings are showing!”